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The Circle Amphitheatre
We are more than a venue, we are a dynamic hub for intelligence, creativity and collaboration.

Step into The Circle, a co-working space designed for collaboration, innovation, and community building. Committed to excellence, The Circle expands its offerings beyond co-working to introduce The Circle Amphitheatre, an exclusive event space meticulously crafted to elevate your occasions.

The Circle Amphitheatre

A Dynamic Venue for Every Occasion

The Circle's amphitheater is a versatile canvas that caters to a spectrum of events, be it the gravity of conferences, or the glamour of award shows. This dynamic venue breathes life into ideas, offering a meticulously crafted space for everything from energetic training sessions and interactive meetups to immersive workshops. It serves as an inspiring haven, fostering innovation and providing an ideal backdrop for diverse gatherings.

Book The Circle Event Spaces starting from INR 10,000 per hour

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